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Just before every dentist appointment, you always brush a little longer, floss a bit deeper and make sure to get between every tooth, usually in the hopes that when the day finally comes, they don’t have more to do than a simple x-ray of your teeth and cleaning. Tooth decay (cavities) is just a natural part of life. It can be avoided but most people have had at least one cavity that needed to be filled.

There are many kinds of fillings that are used to treat cavities and perhaps the most common of those is the run of the mill amalgam fillings (silver fillings) that we are all used to noticing. Though we have another option that is a combination of other dental filling materials, we provide the best composite resin fillings in Houston, TX.

What Is a Composite Filling?

A composite filling is a filling that is made up of amalgam or composite resin material. The difference between composite fillings and silver amalgam fillings is that composite fillings are made of tooth colored material to get the color of your existing teeth as closely matched as possible. It is one of the dental techniques a dentist regularly uses to fix chips and cracks on your teeth. You might have one cavity or many cavities but with this type of filling, most people wouldn’t be able to recognize it like they do silver fillings. Silver fillings may cost less than the composite tooth filling cost but are no longer the usual recommended option.

Dental restorations like these tooth colored fillings have many benefits.

  • They are very durable and more resistant to cracking.
  • Help preserve the natural appearance of your teeth as the material bonds very well to your teeth
  • Can usually be completed in one visit.
  • Doesn’t require as much drilling compared to amalgam fillings and can also be used to fill large cavities
  • It can be repaired if it gets damaged
  • Can be used to replace old damaged amalgam dental fillings

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Many patients are seeking and prefer tooth colored filling as silver amalgam fillings still exist but are slowly becoming a treatment of the past. Schedule your appointment and come see us here at Applewhite Dental Arts and we’ll remove the decay, maintain the tooth structure and oral health, not that anyone would ever be able to tell.

How are composite fillings placed?

  1. Our dentist would normally start by choosing the shade of tooth colored filling that matches best with your natural teeth. We try and find the best match for the composite resin filling in the early stages of the appointment before your teeth and mouth dry out as this can alter the brightness of your teeth.
  2. Like regular fillings, our dentist will of course administer a shot of local anesthesia to numb the tooth and gums in the surrounding area to prepare for treatment.
  3. They drill a hole into your tooth enamel and remove the cavity. We proceed with cleaning and drying the area as usual to prepare the tooth for tooth colored dental filling. We then proceed in etching and bonding the tooth.
  4. We will begin to layer the composite material into the hole of your tooth. After each layer is placed, we use a special light to help the new fillings dry.
  5. We will then shape the tooth and check your bite to make sure that you feel comfortable with a dental filling.


How long should composite fillings hurt?2022-01-31T16:51:33+00:00


Regular amalgam fillings shouldn’t hurt after a few days. Composite fillings can take a little longer to heal and stop hurting. If it is still hurting after two weeks, please see your dentist.

How to whiten composite fillings2022-01-31T16:50:05+00:00


If you want to whiten your teeth, it is recommended that you have that procedure done before getting a composite filling because the composite material doesn’t adhere to whitening and will make all of the other teeth in your mouth whiter than the ones that have this dental filling.

What is the difference between amalgam and composite fillings2022-01-31T16:49:48+00:00


The difference between the two is that an amalgam filling has mostly been silver whereas composite fillings were designed to take on the color of your teeth thus appearing invisible.

How much do composite fillings cost?2022-01-31T16:49:31+00:00


It does depend on how many fillings you need and how much of the decayed tooth needs to be filled. It does generally cost around $30-40$ more per tooth for composite fillings than amalgam fillings.

What are composite fillings made of2022-01-31T16:49:12+00:00


These filling materials are made up out of a mixture of glass and quartz with resin

How long do composite fillings last on front teeth2022-01-31T16:48:33+00:00


They actually last longer on the teeth in the front than those in the back as the ones in the back of your mouth are the teeth we use for chewing.

What are composite fillings?2022-01-31T16:48:10+00:00


A composite filling is a filling that is made up of amalgam or composite resin material.

How much are composite fillings2022-01-31T16:47:40+00:00

Though it depends on how many sides of your teeth have decay that needs to be removed, on average composite fillings cost $135-$240 per tooth.

How long do composite fillings last2022-01-31T16:47:00+00:00

They can last about 5-15 years with the proper care.

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